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The only real way to get longer term relief from your heartburn and acid reflux symptoms is to understand the causes of your problem and then make decisions that will work on the real problem and not just on symptoms.Heartburn is a sign that your digestive system is not working properly. Your digestive system should be able to process food, extract nutrients and pass any waste out of your body but when something is going wrong you will suffer a variety of digestive disorders which may include…· Heartburn· Acid indigestion· Stomach pain· Flatulence and Belching· ConstipationUnfortunately reaching for antacids or laxative is not a good long term solution. All these medicines do is treat the symptoms of your condition which may bring short term relief but you are likely to get recurring problemsInstead think about the causes of your problem. The most common causes for heartburn are1. A diet low in fibre2. Too much oily and high fat fast food3. Over eating4. Poor eating habitsLets take these one at a time1. If your diet is low in fibre your digestive system becomes sluggish, food spends too long in your stomach and in your intestine. You should really aim for between 24g and 30g of fibre a day, but there is no need to measure just ensure you are eating some of the following high fibre foods with each meal; oats, wholegrain cereal, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables2. Oily foods or foods that contain high levels of fat (particularly animal fats) are very hard to digest. Some meats will remain in your gut for several weeks. This makes your stomach produce more acid to break the foods down which leads to you suffering heartburn. Try to see fast foods as an occasional treat rather than as a regular part of your diet.3. We all over indulge occasionally. Eating large meals is part of the way we socialise and celebrate. The problem is that if you overfill your stomach you are stopping it doing its job properly. The stomach needs a little space so that the food can mix with gastric juices and begin to break down. If your stomach is really full acid can be forced out and into your esophagus where it causes pain and damage.4. Hands up if you regularly eat on the go, or wolf down a sandwich while working at your desk. The fast pace of modern life means we often do not take time for food. This means food is not properly chewed and eating while stressed will create a very acidic environment in your stomach. Try to take time for your food, eat slowly and take a gentle stroll after your meal. If your boss complains point out that you will probably be more productive in the afternoon if you take a proper break.By making these very simple changes to your lifestyle you are treating the heartburn problem at its root. Persist and you may never have to take over the counter remedies again.

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It seems there sure is a lot on television about acid reflux and heartburn these days, and you can barely watch an hour or two of TV without seeing at least one commercial from a pharmaceutical company recommending some great new drug, offered by prescription only, with some fancy name with lots of Z’z, Y’s, or X’s in it. They promise to help against chest pains, burping, bloating, gas, ulcers, and fix any of the symptoms, nausea, causes, and restore you back to a happy you.Well, there is an obvious reason why these Big Pharma companies advertise on TV, they know these drugs are amongst their biggest sellers out there, providing 100s of millions of dollars each year to their profit. And they know they need you to go into your doctor and ask for them by name, if they are to get you hooked on buying them. Many doctors realize that when a customer comes in and requests a drug, they better prescribe it or their client is likely to find another doctor. So they do, because it’s a catch-22.”God Bless Advertising” you say, indeed, I agree, and it is rather unfortunate, as one could easily modify their diets, for instance the GERD Diet to stop the causes, rather than seek medicine or treatment to alleviate them from such symptoms. In fact, if you were to do just a little bit of personal research online, you’d find there are all sorts of articles concerning heartburn and acid reflux, and simple things you can do to make things easier on yourself if you suffer from such things.Of course, if you are like most people, you assume that these TV advertisements and drugs are the answer, and that’s fine, but I’d just hope you’d consider alternatives first. Please consider all this, and think about it.

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Heartburn and acid reflux can be such a problem that it can screw up your whole life. It is not helped by the fact that the medical profession tells us that your problem cannot be cured, simply managed by taking some form of drug based medication. However, this is simply not true as you will soon find out.Many heartburn sufferers have become regular pill poppers because of what they are told. They need that relief, so they pop the pills. In other words, it this wretched condition that is in control of your life and making you so miserable. But why is this? Surely in this age of medical advancement, someone would have developed a cure for heartburn and acid reflux that causes it.Unfortunately, you need to realise that there is no real incentive to develop a cure. Heartburn is one of the most common medical conditions, today and consequently, medication for treating the problem is one of the top money spinners for the pharmaceutical industry, producing vast profits every day. Just imagine how much money would be lost if your problem could be cured, permanently. Cynical maybe, but true nevertheless.So, having painted a rather bleak picture for heartburn sufferers is there any good news that can be offered? Fortunately, yes there is. If you are open minded enough to consider what alternatives exist to the conventional medical approach to treating your problem, you will find that there is a great deal you can do to regain control over your life. Furthermore, you will find that you can save a lot of money into the bargain. A double whammy.The whole premise of natural remedies and treatments is that you identify the causes of your problem and deal with each of them. This is totally different to the conventional medical approach which simply deals with the symptoms of your problem as they occur and treats them. This is why conventional medication only produces temporary relief.Natural programs of treatment involve a combination of diet and lifestyle changes with specific natural medication so that you can target each and every cause of your heartburn. By identifying and treating all the factors that cause your acid reflux to occur you can eliminate them. In doing so, you will be taking positive control over your problem, not simply reacting to it.If this seems sensible to you then there is some even better news for you. A recently developed program of totally natural, holistic treatment has achieved some amazing results. Thousands of former sufferers are reporting that, having followed this new program, they are now leading completely heartburn fee lives. They have got their lives back.Obviously, if you are keen to get control over your particular problem you need to thoroughly investigate what this type of treatment offers. It will certain require some effort on your part. But surely the reward will be worth it.

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Most people suffer an attack of heartburn occasionally, particularly if they have overindulged on food and drink. In most cases heartburn and acid reflux that causes it can quickly be remedied with an antacid tablet and the problem is forgotten.For many people however, that terrible burning sensation occurs much more frequently and becomes more than just an occasional annoyance. So how concerned should you be if you are a sufferer and what exactly are heartburn and acid reflux anyway?When you eat, your stomach automatically produces acid so that you can break down and digest your food. The problem occurs when some of your stomach contents, which are highly acidic flow back into your gullet or esophagus that transports food to your stomach. This is known as acid reflux and it causes the burning pain and distress which are the symptoms of heartburn.Under normal circumstances this backflow or reflux is prevented by a ring of muscle that allows food to enter the stomach and then closes retain it in the stomach. Occasionally stomach contents do reflux, either because of pressure in the stomach or because the muscle becomes weakened and does not close properly.When these acidic stomach “juices” contact the relatively sensitive lining of the esophagus they irritate and damage it, causing the burning sensation. If this contact is infrequent there is no problem as the esophagus lining quickly recovers and no harm is done.Regular contact however, does not give the esophagus chance to recover and this is when the problem becomes a chronic condition, which in extreme cases can eventually lead to esophageal cancer. So, if you do suffer regular bouts of heartburn you should be concerned and seek medical advice.Fortunately there are several ways that acid reflux can be treated.Conventional medication such as antacids for occasional attacks and more powerful drug-based medication for chronic conditions. These all act by neutralising or reducing the stomach acid that is produced.There are concerns about taking these types of medication as (a) they only produce temporary relief, (b) reducing stomach acid must affect your digestion and absorption of the nutrients essential for your health and wellbeing and (c) people are increasingly concerned about the adverse, potentially harmful side effects caused by drug-based medication.If you are someone who has these concerns, then like thousands of sufferers, you could explore the alternative that natural remedies and treatments offer. These have the advantage of treating the causes of your acid reflux and not simply the symptoms of your heartburn, allowing you more positive control over your problem.Furthermore, recent research has resulted in the development of a totally natural, holistic program of treatment which has produced amazing results. Thousands of former sufferers are claiming to have cured their heartburn and acid reflux permanently. How good is that?Surely this must be worth further investigation.Most conventional treatments for acid reflux and heartburn are temporary because they treat the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. So, if you want to successfully and permanently rid yourself of your heartburn then you must identify and address all the factors that contribute to the problem i.e. you must treat it holistically.